Hand Controls


Ultra Lite XL Hand Control Forms

The Drive-Master Ultra Lite XL Hand Control offers a sleek European design and styling, with a high-tech black anodized finish. The Drive-Master Ultra Lite XL Hand Control compliments any U.S. and foreign vehicle (cars and vans). It is light weight and corrosion resistant. All moving parts are bearing constructed and meet all controlling agencies design specifications. Universal installation is available on most U.S. and foreign cars and vans. The Drive-Master Ultra Lite XL Push Pull Hand Control is reversible for Left or Right Hand Drivers. Optional Horn and Dimmer Switches can be added. The Drive-Master Ultra Lite XL Hand Control comes with a Limited 5 Year Warranty.

SureGrip Push

Rock Hand Control

The original and the best, the Sure Grip Push/Rock system, has become known for its comfort, precision, and overall safety.

Unlike other hand controls styles, the push rock system puts the operating handle in a vertical position; the driver eases the handle back to accelerate and pushes forward to brake. This unique rocking motion allows full-range braking and acceleration with minimal hand travel while keeping the hand in a natural position.

SureGrip Push

Right Angle Hand Control

Unlike other Push, Right/Angle controls, the Sure Grip Push Right/Angle’s body doesn’t pivot or move when the accelerator is applied. The pivot point for the Sure Grip control is on the left-hand side of the wheel, and only the handle pivots. A stationary main body has many benefits for the driver including:

MPS Monarch Mark IA

Right Angle Hand Control

The Monarch Mark IA hand driving control incorporates the most popular method of operation, and undoubtedly the least fatiguing available. Through mechanical linkage, the brakes are applied by the forward motion away from the driver toward the brake pedal or dashboard. Again with mechanical linkage, the gas or accelerator is applied by a downward movement toward the driver lap and at a right angle to the brake. This quality hand control is our best seller and carries a 5-year limited warranty.


Brake Only Hand Control

Please call for pricing and availability. We have mobility experts standing by to assist you with any questions you have or to setup a demo of this product. Fill out our ask a question form for a fast response!


Push/Rock Hand Control

The MPS Push/Rock Hand Control is the newest addition to our line up of quality driving aids. This control enables the driver to apply the accelerator and brakes by hand. When the upright handle is pushed forward toward the brake pedal the brakes are applied. When the upright handle is rocked rearward toward the user the accelerator is applied. This popular style is a favorite recommendation of many driving evaluators, and our superior design is sure to become a best seller.


Push/Pull Hand Control

The MPS Push/Pull Hand Control operates by Pushing down toward the floor for brake and pull back for acceleration available with the upright handle or our standard handles to custom fit you and your driving style.Built MPS strong and also carries our 5yr warranty.


Push/Pull Hand Control

3500 Hand Controls With Offset Foam Grip.


Hand Control – Offset

3500KX Hand Control Offset.

3500KX Hand Control Offset. With offset handle. Without Horn & Dimmer. 2-4 Install. Mounting Bracket Not Included.

The Sure Grip Push/Twist control uses the same motorcycle style acceleration as other Push/Twist controls but has an auxiliary handle that makes the twisting motion easier and allows for longer, more comfortable driving.


MPD 4200 compact hand control

Our Classic hand controls are made for simple and reliable operation. They are Right side Hand Controls. To accelerate, simply turn the ergonomic handle clockwise. To brake push the unit slightly forward. The unit can be folded out of the way for ambulatory drivers. Our Classic hand control can be upgraded to add a five button switch to control secondary functions like the turn signals, wipers, horn, etc… They are Right side Hand Controls.

EMC products require an in-house or driver evaluator to determine the appropriate products for your needs. View the brochure or visit EMCs website for further details about these products.

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