Transfer Seats

Adapt, Bruno, and B&D Independence

Adapt Solutions

Transfer Seats

Adapt Solutions provides top quality transfer seats for a variety of vehicles. Adapt Solutions transfer seats are fully crash tested to ensure your safety when traveling down the road. Contact us today for exact fitment for your vehicle.


Valet Plus

Get in and out of higher vehicles effortlessly. Bruno’s Valet Plus power turning auto seat rotates, extends and lowers to your individual needs. Your original seat is never altered so you can re-install the Valet Plus turning the car seat into your next applicable vehicle. Meets child seat compliance and safety standards.


Premium Valet® Limited

Start your luxury ride before entering your vehicle.  Bruno’s Premium Valet® Limited offers more standard power features than any turning vehicle seat available. And the sleek appearance is second to none. With a  push of a button, the Valet Limited power rotates, reclines, extends and lowers to your optimal height.


Valet LV

Rotate and slide your car seat. Get in and out of your sedan with ease with Bruno’s Valet LV turning car seat. Featuring the comfort, durability and good looks of Bruno’s Valet Signature Seating line, the Valet LV power rotates at a push of a button and manually slides beyond the door frame to make traveling easier than ever.

B&D Independence

Transfer Seat Bases

Founded in 1981 on the premise that quality and service would never be compromised.B&D Independence designs and manufactures Transfer Seat Bases for virtually every Lowered Floor Minivan, Full-Sized Vans, and Special Vans on the market today.


Milford Person Lift

The Milford Person Lift is an adaptable and versatile wheelchair to vehicle transfer solution renowned to be quick and easy to operate for a wide range of people.

With a lifting capacity of 330 lbs., the Milford Person Lift can be used anywhere from transferring to your vehicle, in the home and office, or while traveling.

Handicap Accessible Vans
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